We are an early stage sweat equity investor

We can help to co-develop your digital product for 6-12 months against 10% stake of your startup as a sweat equity investment.

Not only do we think deeply together with founders about every product and go-to-market strategy, but are able to help with implementation resources, practical makers and doers, in a flexible way.

Following expertise is available for your project:
> business design, concept design, service design, UX design, visual design, branding
> architecture design, full-stack coding (front, back & integrations), testing & validation, dev-ops
> go-to-market planning, launch planning & implementation, growth hacking

If we’re interested in working together, entrepreneurs decide what the work package will include. Details will be negotiated case by case together with a project plan.

As an early stage investor we need to see a credible way forward for your company in addition to an interesting product and business case for us all.

Next step is to make your product or service known!

Best way is to send us more information on your team, product and stage via apply button so that we will have the info to get to know you.