It’s been quite a February for us at CherryonTop. We’ve had tens of tailored mentoring sessions and these clearly sparked new directions and progress. We’ve gotten to know the teams and they have gotten to know us which is really important as we move forward to investment negotiations in April.

Here are some recaps on what some of our startups have been up to in February. Later on in March we’ll hear more about a sustainable travel startup Duara Travels, healthcare-to-your-pocket startup MyMed and holistic well-being marketplace Carelia.

“Product development in full speed and customer and partner contacts started. First deal, feedback and loads of good advice received. Bots are hot!”

“Found first interested Angel investors! Customer persona, marketing message & next steps for product development clarified. Thanks CherryonTop”

“Doerz, a community for peer-to-peer experiences, is getting some serious coverage. We were just featured on the biggest TV channel in Germany, our video is spreading out online and the overall interest towards our awesome Doerz sharing their passion is getting bigger and bigger.”

Fox in the Box
“Fox in the Box, AI backed assistant coach for sports teams, has successfully opened our seed funding round. Recruitment process has been kick-started to get a couple of data-loving propellerheads to wear our team’s colors. The future looks now as bright as sun beams in the spring after a long winter.”

Host My Pet
“Host My Pet, the most trustworthy pet sitting service, reached first 200 users and we are now negotiating on co-operation with the biggest player in pet retail industry in Nordics to dominate Nordic market.”

Blue Berry Share
“The mentoring sessions were very good. They helped us return on solving the basic customer problem, and at the same time, made us realize that we could actually finance the product development by generating our own cash flow.”

Naya Daya
“After great mentoring sessions with CherryonTop we have been improving the NayaDaya user experience for expressing emotions in digital communication.”

“WorkPilots, on-demand job matching platform, got accepted to Suomi100 program, new cities have joined, new concepts successfully piloted #together with NGO’s to create new opportunities. Lots of interest and ongoing negotiations with European investors.”

“Readom’s mission to promote quality journalism and give people enjoyable reading experiences is getting closer. Our test users and people from CherryOnTop, Uutisraivaaja, Media HoneyPot and Google DNI have been offering us valuable feedback. MVP, coming soon to a mobile device near you.”

“We have agreed upon a 3-week pilot (starting March 13th) for our new service with Kauppahalli24 and Epic Foods to supply vegetable-focused meals for the test group. Test user recruitment is ongoing!”

More coaching and meetings to follow and we’re heading towards CherryonTop demo day on 5.4.2017. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!