Thu 7th of February, 2017
Helsinki, Finland

It was not an ordinary Thursday morning. It was the start of our first CherryonTop Accelerator program with over 20 founders and co-founders from 13 different startups eager to learn, share and develop their ideas further.

The two days consisted of intensive working on each startups design choices, stories and future roadmaps. One major element was also the time we used to share individual startup stories, learnings, wins and hardships all together.

When we started to design our accelerator program, we wanted to focus on design, storytelling and differentiation as these things are vital to stand out from the startup crowd. Everybody left after two days filled with ideas, experiences and learnings from one another. It was also great to have Jerome Saarinen, a serial entrepreneur, joining us Thursday afternoon to share his story and learnings.

The common denominator between all the startups is that their digital product, service or platform positively impacts our digital, everyday lives even though themes vary from health to chatbots.

So, who do we have onboard? Here’s the great 13:

  • Blue Berry Share
  • Carelia
  • Coachilla
  • Doerz
  • Duara Travels
  • Fox in the Box
  • Host My Pet
  • MyMed
  • NayaDaya
  • Readom
  • Skadi
  • Work Pilots

In addition we have one corporate startup case participating the program.

We continue from here to mentoring sessions and program culminates this spring into investment / demo day in the beginning of April. More about that later!

Some of the startups are looking for tech co-founders so if you recognize yourself from that description, you are also more than welcome to ask more or!